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United States Equity Funding LLC (USEF) has made a name in the equipment finance industry as a vendor based funding source. Over the years we have been successful in originating customized, industry driven, customized finance programs for our dealer partners.

As experts in the vendor financing arena, we provide custom vendor financing solutions to thousands of customers and focus on continued growth and increased sales for our dealers and vendors. Our programs are 100% dedicated to helping our partners increase sales through the unique and flexible financing options and services we provide.

By becoming a dealer or vendor partner with USEF you can take advantage of our best-in-class transaction back office support, custom programs, streamlined process and highly experienced industry sales, support and credit personnel. We partner with vendors, manufacturers and distributors equipment soft assets like Tech and FF&E to hard assets such as Yellow Iron, Machine tools and Transportation. Please inquire to find out about some of our successful vendor programs and how we can support our partners.

USEF’s Dealer & Vendor Financing Program is designed to give vendors fast responses to their applications by utilizing our streamlined process and unique underwriting models. We underwrite specific credit models for each industry and have a dedicated, experienced team that will work with you on every transaction. We take a “high touch” approach to our business and process the financing on your behalf from start to finish.

Benefits of USEF’s Dealer & Vendor Financing Program:

  • Establish new relationships and increase customer loyalty.
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity while preserving capital
  • Sell more equipment to help increase margins
  • Have a consistent global offering
  • Minimize exposure and investment requirements
  • Have a relationship that eliminates the cost and administrative burden of the maintaining an in-house leasing operation

Gain the competitive edge needed to increase your sales today! USEF’s dedicated and experienced vendor specialists will fine tune your program to make sure you have access to all the exclusive tools that will best work with your approach to sales.

Credit Features:

  • Dedicated Sales and Support personnel
  • As little as 2-4 hour Approvals for some industries
  • Risk adjusted pricing for expanded approvals
  • Streamlined funding process shortens the funding time

Sales/Marketing Features:

  • Private labeling available
  • Website Links available: Website Finance Banners
  • Payment quoting tools
  • Trade Show promotions and Onsite support
  • Vendor rewards programs

Become a USEF Dealer & Vendor Financing Partner Today

USEF offers easy access to highly qualified equipment leasing professionals who will help your customers make the right financing choices. Our dedicated Vendor Finance Team is here to help you with any questions that may arise throughout the process with you, the vendor, and your customers.

For more information on our Vendor & Dealer Financing Program, please complete the Vendor Application or call one of our Business Development Managers at 1-888-252-2297.

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