Medical & Health Care

Medical and Health Care Equipment Leasing

Starting up and maintaining a medical or health care practice, hospital, or clinic can be extremely time consuming and costly, and keeping up to date with medical and health care technologies can be exhausting. These are a few of the reasons equipment leasing is such a smart, affordable alternative to purchasing when it comes to medical and health care equipment.

United States Equipment Funding understands medical instrument technologies can quickly become obsolete.  Keeping up with the latest health care technology is important to your practice. United States Equipment Financing specializes in medical equipment leasing and financing.  We offer a special Medical Application Only Program for medical professionals, along with aggressive rates. We also offer customized solutions for healthcare providers from individual practices to hospitals.

We are well versed in acquiring the best medical and health care equipment financing for your clinic or private practice. United States Equipment Financing will work hard to offer you creative solutions specifically designed to meet your health care equipment needs. Our varied financing options help ensure we will find the right lease for you, so you can focus on what really matter in your practice: your patients. Contact us today to find out more about medical equipment leasing and financing.

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